Founded in 2002 in Ukraine, ENERGY UNION is an expert in local oil and gas, chemicals and power markets. We put partnerships at the heart of our business helping to connect producers, refiners, resellers to customers of energy products. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of complex and turbulent local business environment makes us a trusted partner to a number of companies which are leaders in their field of speciality energy commodities. Our commitment to value-driven business culture, transparent business ethics and performance to achive best possible outcome enables building reliable and stable working relations.

Our business

We deliver energy products helping to fuel transportation, power businesses and heat households.

We are dedicated to provide best solutions to facilitate commodity trading transactions within shortest possible timeframe.

We are primarily focused on natural gas, fuels, bitumen and methanol contracts but also actively looking to axpansion of our activities in varios energy sectors.

Partners and clients


044 201-10-92

1/8 Igorevskaya Street, Kiev, Ukraine

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